Web3Hooks API


Web3Hooks API is a solution that allows the user to monitor blockchain activity and receive real-time notifications. By defining conditions for log events or function calls on the blockchain, these notifications can be received via a webhook when the conditions are met. Web3Hooks API generates a notification in the form of a JSON payload, similar to the data provided by Logs API (opens in a new tab) or Internal Transactions API (opens in a new tab). You can create a hook in the corresponding endpoint shown below.

Web3Hook API allows monitoring the blockchain on a block-by-block basis, ensuring that you will receive all relevant data in real time. If a block contains multiple entries that meet the criteria defined in your hook, all of them will be in one payload. By default, Web3Hooks API delivers raw data, but it can be decoded by setting up an ABI Decoder (opens in a new tab).



Blockchain NetworkAvailability
Ethereum Mainnet
BNB Smart Chain Mainnet
Polygon PoS
Polygon zkEVM
Avalanche C-Chain
Arbitrum One
Metis Andromeda
Ethereum Sepolia
Ethereum Holešky
BNB Smart Chain Testnet
opBNB Testnet
Arbitrum Sepolia
Polygon Amoy