Balances API


Balances API is a solution that allows the user to obtain data on the current balance of both native currency and ERC-20 tokens in an EOA wallet. Additionally, users can access the balances of every holder for a specific ERC-20 token contract and gather fundamental metadata associated with that contract. The API is divided into three endpoints: Get Balances by Address, Get Balances by Contract, and Get Contract Metadata.

A successful request includes information on raw value, calculated value, estimated USD value, block number, and token data with its total raw supply, total calculated supply, and estimated USD price. When making a request, it's mandatory to specify an EOA wallet's address for the Get Balances by Address endpoint. The Get Balances by Contract and Get Contract Metadata endpoints require providing a token's contract.



Blockchain NetworkAvailability
Avalanche C-Chain
Arbitrum One
BNB Smart Chain Mainnet
Ethereum Mainnet
Metis Andromeda
Polygon PoS
Polygon zkEVM