Custom API


Custom API is a solution designed specifically for our enterprise-level clients. At its core, it serves as a highly specialized repository for our clients’ blockchain data. It is crafted to align with the individual requirements and preferences of our clients, providing them with unparalleled flexibility in defining data schemas and indexing rules.


Unlike existing concepts, such as subgraphs, Custom API comes with several distinct advantages regarding data management:

  • Control and Customization: Custom API empowers clients to have granular control over various aspects, including performance, Service Level Agreements (SLAs), and more. This level of control ensures that the API conforms precisely to the client's needs and expectations.

  • Reduced Latency: Custom API enables quicker synchronization of data, resulting in significantly lower latency compared to other alternatives. This translates to faster and more responsive data access.

  • Tailored Indexing: One of the standout features of Custom API is the ability to tailor data indexing to specific project requirements. This flexibility allows developers to optimize data access and analysis for their unique use cases.

Key Features

Some of the key features that set Custom API apart include:

  • Performance Control: Clients can fine-tune performance parameters to ensure optimal data access and query execution.

  • Expert guidance: Clients have the ability to build their API according to specific needs, with expert guidance from our specialists. These experts work closely with clients to understand their data requirements.

  • Data Delivery Options: Custom API offers multiple data delivery methods. These include database integration for seamless data access, GET request endpoints for querying, and real-time notifications via webhooks to keep clients informed of critical updates. Alternative delivery methods, such as integration with popular communication platforms like Discord, Google Sheets, or Telegram, can also be explored based on client preferences.

Things To Consider

While Custom API offers significant advantages, it's essential to recognize certain limitations to build the best and most suitable solution for your case:

  • Data Retrieval Organization: PARSIQ provides access to all blockchain data, ensuring there are no restrictions on the data you can access. However, consider the organization of data retrieval. For instance, if you need to retrieve transactions containing specific events in a single query, it might lead to slower performance. In such cases, each transaction must be retrieved individually, which can be less efficient. Although these situations are relatively uncommon, the PARSIQ team is available to assist in addressing such challenges.

  • SDK Assumptions: Our SDK streamlines API construction but is designed with certain assumptions about data storage schemas. If your solution requires entirely unique storage layouts, we can’t guarantee out-of-the-box support, as we can’t foresee every possible scenario. However, support for such schema layouts can be developed.

  • Parallel Data Processing: While our SDK offers specialized solutions for parallel data processing, it may not cover every specific requirement. Handling parallel processing involves complex tasks, such as breaking down global tasks into independent subtasks for simultaneous execution. When confronted with unique demands, we have the flexibility to extend the SDK's capabilities or create solutions tailored to the client's specific needs.

In summary, Custom API offers remarkable flexibility and control over data management. However, it's important to understand that efficient utilization might require thoughtful development. Our team is here to provide the expertise needed to ensure a successful implementation that aligns with your unique data needs.

Enterprise-Level Solution

Building a comprehensive Custom API can be a time-consuming and technically challenging endeavor, especially when dealing with blockchain data. Our solution is designed specifically for enterprises, catering to the unique demands of large-scale data storage and retrieval. Clients can choose to leverage our Software Development Kit (SDK), which provides example code and in-depth guides for those looking to build their Custom API independently.

For those clients seeking more comprehensive support — including Custom API construction, hosting, and ongoing performance optimization — our "Custom API" service is available. This service is fully customized to meet the specific data needs of blockchain projects, ensuring that clients can concentrate on extracting insights and value from their data without being weighed down by the complexity of data infrastructure management.

Technical Requirements

Our Custom API offers a robust solution tailored to optimize blockchain data indexing for your dApp. Given that this service is designed predominantly for enterprise clients, with our team crafting a custom API tailored to their needs, it is crucial for our partners to define certain requirements.

To ensure a smooth integration of this solution into your system, we have outlined the technical prerequisites expected from our clients. By providing these pivotal details upfront, we can expedite the development of the Custom API that aligns with your dApp’s specific demands.

Use Case Insights

Begin by providing context regarding the specific use cases that your dApp serves. This information is vital for understanding the nature of your application, whether it operates as a trading platform, gaming ecosystem, DeFi protocol, or another type of dApp.

Example: DEX3 functions as a DeFi protocol where users trade options across three blockchain networks: Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain (BSC), and Polygon. Within DEX3, events involve buying and selling options, each represented as an NFT with a defined lifetime period.

Expected Output

Clearly define the desired outcomes and results you aim to achieve through data analysis. This could encompass calculations related to Total Value Locked (TVL), traded volumes, synchronization of on-chain and off-chain data, event tracking, and more. Additionally, specify the on-chain elements that need monitoring and the corresponding logical operations to be applied.

Example: In the case of DEX3, the project aims to calculate traded volumes and TVL, verify whether option-holding addresses maintain sufficient token balances to cover potential losses, and monitor option maturity as it nears its deadline.

Provide Input and Logic

Compile a comprehensive list of logs or internal transactions, together with a list of smart contracts that require monitoring. Additionally, clarify the logic behind calculations and data transformations relevant to your dApp's functionality.

Example: DEX3 provides a list of logs for monitoring and offers a formula for calculating TVL and trading volumes. Moreover, they specify the necessary fields for tracking option maturity and provide the associated logic for selecting the token to monitor the balance against a particular option.

To consider

  • Query Volume and Performance Expectations: Collaborate with our team to establish indexing rules that optimize query performance. Understanding your intended data querying patterns allows us to structure the indexing process accordingly. This ensures fast and accurate query responses aligned with the expected query volume and performance requirements of your dApp.

  • Integration Details: Share relevant technical information about your application's architecture, preferred programming languages, and integration methods. This information assists us in offering guidance on seamlessly integrating the Custom API into your existing infrastructure.

  • Delivery Method: We can set up a dedicated database accessible only to you. Alternatively, we can explore options such as webhooks, custom endpoints, or integrations with third-party tools. These details are open to negotiation.

Understanding these requirements helps our team develop the Custom API that enhances your dApp's data management, query efficiency, and overall performance.