Transactions API


Transactions API is a solution that allows the user to obtain various transaction data within the blockchain. The API is divided into three endpoints: Get Wallet Transactions, Get Transaction by Hash, and Get Transaction Internals. In addition to basic data, users can opt to include transaction internals in the response, which are essentially internal transactions and logs.

A successful request includes information on block hash, block timestamp, block_number, origin, to (destination address), fee, gas, etc. When making a request, it's mandatory to specify an EOA wallet's address for Get Wallet Transactions, and txHash for Get transaction by Hash or Get Transaction Internals. The range should be defined by either block_number, timestamp, or block_hash.



Blockchain NetworkAvailability
Ethereum Mainnet
BNB Smart Chain Mainnet
Polygon PoS
Polygon zkEVM
Avalanche C-Chain
Arbitrum One
Metis Andromeda
Ethereum Sepolia
Ethereum Holešky
BNB Smart Chain Testnet
opBNB Testnet
Arbitrum Sepolia
Polygon Amoy