PARSIQ is the next-gen monitoring and intelligence platform for various Blockchains. With PARSIQ, users gain access to a number of useful product features, like:
    Tracking in real-time digital assets
    Being notified about numerous occurrences around the Blockchain network
    Gathering and processing on-chain data
    Combining the on-chain data with off-chain one (i.e. Risk Data, Market Data etc...)
PARSIQ allows to outline 2 primary groups of business use cases. Following products were at its heart from the very first day of formation:
    Parsiq Monitoring allows building complex and fully customizable monitoring solutions the simple way.
    Parsiq Protect is a crypto alarm for your digital assets built atop of the PARSIQ ecosystem.
A Web Portal is available for the better user experience. In addition, to enable external parties to build their applications upon it or integrate existing ones, public and partner APIs are provided.
Contact us at [email protected] to discuss potential partnership and integration plans.

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