Getting Started


PARSIQ Network is a full-suite data network for constructing the backend of all Web3 dApps and protocols. Its fundamental and advanced APIs provide blockchain protocols and their clients with real-time and historical data querying capabilities, enabling users to build a variety of Web3 data products on top of them. Our Custom API allows for complex data querying and filtering, designed to meet the specific blockchain data requirements of our customers. Refer to PARSIQ's documentation for detailed information on how to use its APIs.

Getting Started

Step 1

Generate an API key by signing up to Harbour (opens in a new tab).

Step 2

Install parsiq.js

npm install @parsiq/parsiq.js

Step 3

Run your first query!

import * as Parsiq from '@parsiq/parsiq.js';
const client = Parsiq.createClient(process.env.API_KEY, Parsiq.ChainId.ETH_MAINNET);
const nfts = client.nft.getByAddress(`0xb6042f438D63181E7E220A72e9fff845062EB48d`, {});
for await (const nft of nfts) {

Explore PARSIQ Docs to figure out how different use cases can be solved.

Watch the Guide

Querying via Postman

If you prefer querying via Postman, the description of PARSIQ Endpoints (opens in a new tab) might come in handy. There you will find examples and responses for good and bad requests as well as parameter definitions and their example values.