Explore the list of blockchain platforms supported by Tsunami endpoints

PARSIQ strives to bring as many valuable blockchain platforms into our ecosystem as possible. The following table shows the platforms and their chain IDs applicable to the Tsunami API endpoints. Please note that chainId is a required path parameter to be specified in every request.

NameChain ID
Ethereum Mainneteip155-1
BNB Smart Chain Mainneteip155-56
Polygon PoSeip155-137
Polygon zkEVMeip155-1101
Avalanche C-Chaineip155-43114
Arbitrum Oneeip155-42161
Metis Andromedaeip155-1088
Ethereum Görlieip155-5
Ethereum Sepoliaeip155-11155111
BNB Smart Chain Testneteip155-97
opBNB Testneteip155-5611
Polygon Mumbaieip155-80001