Learn about NFT API, its use cases, how to use it and other details.


The NFT API is a solution designed to fulfil diverse on-chain data requirements concerning NFTs.

With the NFT API, we’ve collected all the data related to NFTs and stored it all in one place! Users of this API won’t need to sift through all the raw data — you are given all, and only, the NFT data you need.

Our NFT API supports the most widespread standards of NFT such as ERC-721 and ERC-1155 across highest TVL EVM blockchains.

Supported Standards

NFT StandardAvailable

Use Cases

Our NFT API will be of immediate use for any kind of web3 project you can imagine:

  • NFT marketplace
  • NFT games
  • NFT renting platform
  • Portfolio tracker
  • NFT event tickets
  • And more!

For your projects, the following data is just 1 request away:

To put it simply, with the NFT API, we’ve prepared all the data needed to build an NFT project!

Available Blockchains:

PARSIQ strives to bring as many valuable blockchains into our ecosystem as possible. NFT API supports the following blockchains:

NameChain ID
Ethereum Mainneteip155-1
Polygon Mainneteip155-137
BNB Smart Chain Mainneteip155-56
Avalanche C-Chaineip155-43114
Arbitrum Oneeip155-42161

You will see chainId parameter along with every request you make.


Testnet list is subject to change and we are open to your suggestions!

Resynchronizing Metadata

There may be instances where the metadata for an NFT or collection contract needs to be updated. In such cases, it is necessary to resynchronize the metadata. Since it is almost impossible to keep track of metadata updates for every single NFT on each chain we support, we have implemented a logic for resynchronization.

Automatic Resynchronization of NFT Collection: We prioritize resynchronizing collections that are in high demand. If a user requests an NFT or a collection that has not been resynchronized by us recently, it will be added to a queue for automatic resynchronization. The more requests we receive from users, the higher the item will rise in the queue. Please note that only one request from each user will be counted towards raising the item's priority in the queue.

Coming Soon: Resynchronize Metadata Endpoint: This endpoint will enable users to request the resynchronization of a single NFT. Resynchronizing an entire collection would be too slow and computationally intensive, so we will initially allow the resynchronization of specific NFTs only. Once the resynchronization of an NFT is complete, we will notify the user that the job is finished, and the updated NFT metadata can be requested again.