Explore Balances API, its use cases and how to utilize it


The Balances API is a solution to track the current balances of an EOA wallet and the holders of an ERC-20 token.

Use cases

The Balances API we offer is helpful for any Web3 project, including Web3 Wallet, Portfolio Tracker, DEX, and more. This API helps your Web3 project gain complete awareness of your token contract and enables you to better understand your clients by tracking their holdings.

Get Balances by AddressProvides the balance of an EOA address
Get Balances by ContractProvides data on your token holders and the total amount they hold
Get Contract MetadataProvides the metadata of an ERC-20 token contract

Available blockchain platforms:

PARSIQ strives to bring as many valuable blockchain platforms into our ecosystem as possible. The following table shows the platforms and their chain IDs applicable to the Balances API endpoints. Please note that chainId is a required path parameter for every request.

NameChain ID
Ethereum Mainneteip155-1
Polygon PoSeip155-137
BNB Smart Chain Mainneteip155-56
Avalanche C-Chaineip155-43114
Arbitrum Oneeip155-42161


As Balances APIs is currently under maintenance, only Ethereum Mainnet is available for the foreseeable time. If you need other chains, be sure to contact us.