Learn about Balances API, its use cases, how to use it and other details.


The Balances API is a solution to track the current balance of a wallet as well as the holders of an ERC-20 token.

Use Cases

Our Balances API will be of immediate use for any kind of web3 project you can imagine:

  • Web3 Wallet
  • Portfolio tracker
  • DEX
  • And more!

For your projects, the following data is just 1 request away:

The Balances API helps your web3 project to get full awareness of your token contract and to get to know your clients better by knowing what they hold.

Available Blockchains:

PARSIQ strives to bring as many valuable blockchains into our ecosystem as possible. Balance API supports the following blockchains:

NameChain ID
Ethereum Mainneteip155-1
Polygon Mainneteip155-137
BNB Smart Chain Mainneteip155-56
Avalanche C-Chaineip155-43114
Arbitrum Oneeip155-42161

You will see chainId parameter along with every request you make.


Blockchains list is subject to change and we are open to your suggestions!


Balances APIs is under maintenance at the moment. So only Ethereum Mainnet is available for the foreseeable time. If you need other chains - make sure to contact us.