Get started with PARSIQ Tsunami API, Generate your API Key, Send first requests

How to start

Step 1. Get the Tsunami API Key :key: by signing up on our Harbour website

Step 2. Start sending requests! :construction-worker:

  1. Use our API Documentation and send requests . View all our endpoints below.
  2. Try our JS client! Check Tsunami JS Client source code and the NPM package. PS. It is under development

Watch the guide

Check Available Endpoints

We have indexed tens of millions of blocks across numerous blockchains, such as Ethereum, BNB Smart Chain, Avalanche, Polygon and Arbitrum, with hundreds of millions of transactions, calls, and events, from block zero to this exact second.

Here are some things you get using our tools:

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Available chains

Learn more about our quering parameters and ranges.


ABI Decoder

Learn about our ABI decoder to get Decoded Events/Calls and use in conjunction with Real-Time Streaming.


Join our Discord to troubleshoot, chat, share what you're building with our API or suggest any new features and more. Contact us via this form or contact us at [email protected]