Authorization is required to use this endpoint

To get your API key follow the instructions HERE.

Using this endpoint, we can get what contracts the user (in this endpoint - caller) created or we can go the other way around, for example, we can pinpoint exactly when the contract was created.


To see what contracts the caller created, just define caller and the range of 0 - latest.

curl --request GET \
--url 'https://api.parsiq.net/tsunami/eip155-80001/v1/contracts/creates?caller=0x2698AFdaA7141aF799cedF194D7b17cF7ECCFA7e&block_number_start=0&block_number_end=latest' \
--header 'Authorization: Bearer YOUR_API_KEY'

And the other way, to see when the contract was created.

curl --request GET \
--url 'https://api.parsiq.net/tsunami/eip155-80001/v1/contracts/creates?contract=0xEd8ecA1917F586B67D2fB88930002E60828958a6&block_number_start=0&block_number_end=latest' \
--header 'Authorization: Bearer YOUR_API_KEY'


At least one of the following parameters must be present:
sender, contract, origin
The range also must be defined by block_number, timestamp or block_hash:
[block_number_start, block_number_end]; [timestamp_start, timestamp_end]; [block_hash].
(More about Range)

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