Welcome to PARSIQ Network

The main purpose of our Tsunami API is to get historical, real-time and raw data from the blockchains almost instantaneously.

We have indexed tens of millions of blocks across numerous blockchains, such as Ethereum, BNB Smart Chain, Avalanche, Polygon and Arbitrum, with hundreds of millions of transactions, calls, events, from block zero to this exact second.
All this information is available within milliseconds to you no matter what your request is!

To get familiar with Tsunami API, read through this doc and try it out at API Reference.

Here are some things you get using our tools:

  • Get Events
  • Get Calls
  • Get Transaction Information
  • Get Transaction Information with logs
  • Get Block Headers
  • Get Block Headers for a block range
  • Get Native Asset Transfers
  • Get Fungible Token Transfers
  • Get Non-Fungible Token Transfers
  • Get NFT Inventory and NFT Transfer History via NFT Data Lake

On how to get started using this powerful API, go to the Getting Started page!


Join our Discord to troubleshoot, chat, share what you're building with our API or suggest any new features and more. Here's the link, woah.