Learn how to estimate CUs for real-time streaming deliveries


By utilizing real-time filters (RTFs), users can stay up-to-date on events and calls as they happen and receive timely updates and notifications. However, it's important to note that utilizing real-time filters incurs additional computational costs compared to the other API endpoints that PARSIQ has, such as Tsunami API, NFT API, and Balances API.

Delivering records generated by RTFs is what incurs the cost of using real-time filters. The cost of RTFs is directly linked to the delivery of these records.

Record Delivery

Every record of an event or call delivered to the user incurs a cost of 4 CUs. This cost reflects the computational resources involved in processing, filtering, and delivering each record to the user in real time.

When calculating the computational cost of real-time filters, it's essential to consider and estimate the number of potential record deliveries. This will ensure you can factor them into your pricing, resource allocation considerations, and other API usage.