Token Transfers

Solana Blockchain is still in Beta!
SolanaTokenTransfers Stream represents all supported Solana based SPL Token transfers with positive (> 0) value.
The Solana Program Library or simply called SPL is a collection of on-chain programs maintained by the Solana team. The SPL Token program is the token standard of the Solana 11 blockchain.


Stream type
from: address,
to: address,
value: int256,
token: {
verified: boolean,
name: string,
symbol: string,
contract: address,
decimals: int256
transaction: {
fee: int256,
origin: address,
recentBlockhash: string,
signatures: [string]
block: {
number: int256,
hash: string,
parentHash: string,
rewards: [
value: {
beneficiary: address,
postBalance: int256,
lamports: int256,
rewardType: string
to - the recipient address
from - the initiator address
value - the value of the Token Transfer
token - the information about Token
  • verified - is true when there is a verification mark put by the PARSIQ and the Token meets all the requirements. If so, then the rest of data (name, symbol, contract, decimals) is also available.
  • name - the name of the Token
  • symbol - the symbol of the Token
  • contract - the Smart Contract address of the Token
  • decimals - the decimals amount of Token
transaction - the information about the Transaction containing Token Transfer
  • fee - the Transaction fee
  • origin - the origin address of the Transaction
  • recentBlockhash - each transaction contains a recent blockhash to indicate its liveness. A transaction includes a recent blockhash to prevent duplication and to give transactions lifetimes.
  • [signatures] - the list of signatures
block - the information about the Block containing the Transaction


The following example allows to monitor all SRM (this token is verified by us) Token Transfers on Solana Mainnet occuring with MySolanaWallet
stream AllMySRMTransfers
from SolanaTokenTransfers
where @to == MySolanaWallet || @from == MySolanaWallet
where @token.verified == true && @token.symbol == "SRM"