PARSIQ Platform

Every single occurring Blockchain activity results in a massive amount of information circulating through the PARSIQ Platform and activating various parts of it. Each of Parsiq products has a particular processing subsystem of the platform standing behind it:


Blockchain Adapter is a layer that consists of various Blockchain clients with our own integrated track&trace software modules. The main purpose of the Blockchain Adapter is to act as an entry point for the raw network transactions: efficiently process, decompose and reaggregate them into something useful - called Native Events and pass further to the rest of the system.
Monitoring and Notifications subsystem is one of the most important platform components that is the first one to process Native Events. With each new Native Event it activates Smart-Triggers interested in it, executes them and delivers result events in the form of notifications by the means of different Delivery Transports (i.e. WebHooks, Telegram).
Data Store is a set of databases, streaming queues and in-memory key-value storages that persist any data the structured and indexed way for later usage.
Analytics and Reporting is an intermediate subsystem acting as a collector, aggregator and post-processor of various data. Primarily it results in statistical and intelligence data later used in reports and visualizations aiming to help at analysis and analytics.
API Server is meant for integration purposes by exposing public and partner APIs. It performs all of the validation, authorization and configuration.
Portal Backend/Frontend is a user’s window to the PARSIQ Platform.