Tx Lifecycle Service


Tx Lifecycle Service (or TLS for short) is a service that allows the user to monitor if the transaction of interest is mined or if it is reached the certain number of confirmations.
This service is available for users with paid accounts. IQ subscription included.

How To Use

To use TLS, you need to make a POST request to our public API on this address
And you need to add a payload with your parameters with it. After that the service will send you a webhook callback when the condition is met.

Payload Description

A payload must have this specific structure
"tx_hash": string,
"callback_url": string,
"confirmations": integer,
"chain_id": string
  • tx_hash: a transaction you want to monitor
  • callback_url: an URL of your webhook server
  • confirmations: the number of confirmation you want to have before sending the info
  • chain_id: on what blockchain does this transaction happen

Supported blockchains

Right now, TLS supports these blockchains:
Ethereum main net
Ethereum Rinkeby
Binance main net
Binance testnet

Request Sample

This is an example of a TLS request to our API. We want to get the notification on our webhook server when a transaction hash on Ethereum main net gets six confirmations.
See Dataset API page on how to get your API key
curl --location --request POST '' \
--header 'Authorization: Bearer YOUR_API_KEY' \
--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
--data-raw '{
"tx_hash": "0xa7d75798006872348b36ce914a82baf8441fe8067c8cf05dda723135cb6aeea1",
"callback_url": "YOUR_WEBHOOK_URL",
"confirmations": 6,
"chain_id": "eip155:1"
And when the transaction will be confirmed at least 6 times, you will receive a webhook callback that look like this:
"transaction_hash": "0xa7d75798006872348b36ce914a82baf8441fe8067c8cf05dda723135cb6aeea1",
"block_number": 10133814,
"block_hash": "0x4b08ee14c890e40d6bbc8b5f622fd0935c790e9307c62c0061d420a0fd97987a",
"block_timestamp": 1644329642,
"status": 1,
"from": "0x10c01D6B0396D9F3B2F06Fc5D3F60bc6Dc9cB1F6",
"to": "0xAd03D2BD7D70058DCA058b684Db3A7Ce1BC2f367",
"gas_used": 149501,
"gas_limit": 4712388,
"gas_price": "1886557248",
"fee": "282042195133248",
"confirmations": 6